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GK Brock SignatureVisionary Artist & Sculptor

GK Brock was born in Puyallup, Washington in 1955. He migrated to Portland, Oregon in youth where he stayed for remainder of his adolescent education. He attended MtHood Community College in Gresham Oregon receiving an Associate’s Degree and Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon where he received BS in Occupational Therapy. At both institutions he served as Art Sculpture student assistant where he assisted in creation of Sculpture garden and creation of various works placed on campus grounds at both facilities.

College degrees served as art instructual platform where art mediums were utilized in the treatment of psychologically impaired patients in hospital in-patient settings where upon he completed an internship at West Hills Psychiatric Hospital in Beaverton Oregon. As a result of deinstitutionalization and reimbursement changes for psychiatric hospitals in the 1980’s GK changed focus to the physical disability realm where he enjoyed a long administration career in both hospital and skilled long-term care rehabilitation management in the states of Oregon and California. Most recently he was Director of Rehabilitation Services, Sleep Center and Neuro Diagnostics Departments at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego California.

Following the second of two head injuries, the first in 2003 and another in 2007, GK received an unusual gift or ability to paint or sculpt by visionary means. This began following the second injury where doctors suggested he try a variety of art mediums in order to stimulate the portion of the brain that was damaged. He purchased paints, brushes, canvases etc. all stashed in a corner of the garage, where they sat neglected for several months. One random evening something inspired GK to go into the garage, not really knowing what for or what was about to happen. This encounter is challenging to explain or describe as per specific feelings or visions he experienced that evening, but for unknown reason he began to cry. While sobbing and blurry eyed, GK picked up the paints and brushes and painted what was to be an angel on the garage floor. Still not knowing what was transpiring or any concept of time, he proceeded to paint another painting on a canvas sheet of his little Jack Russell dog, Neo, that was recently lost. He recalls an aura of sorts surrounding the room during this event, created by his own tears? A higher power? no one will really know. As fast as he began crying, he suddenly stopped, sitting in amazement in the middle of the garage floor, trying to comprehend what had just happened? Was he dreaming or crazy? One thing is certain! He experienced some sort of revelation beyond imagination.

Following this event GK began devoting enormous amounts of time pursuing the artful visions that occurred thereafter on canvas or whatever medium the vision presented itself on. His bible study aids in the interpretation of each piece where scripture is selected that interfaces with visual meaning. Friends in the past called him crazy, now maybe so, a little more or a little less! where this experience is the attribute that motivates continued creation of astonishing art work.


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  2. An amazing & inspiring talented artist!

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